April 13, 2014

Short Review: The Better Chip, Spinach & Kale with Sea Salt

The Better Chip is a spinach and kale infused corn chip that I received in my Fab Fit Fun Spring 2014 Box. These are gluten free and non-GMO.

The chips were kind of boring looking, perfectly round and pale green, and so I decided not to take a picture. The chips were a little thicker than I expected, which I didn't like because really hard corn chips tend to cut up my mouth. Otherwise, they just tasted like corn--it's like getting a secret dose of greens without tasting any of it!

Overall, they were an interesting concept--green chips! It's the snack food version of green smoothies! They were a little too hard for me to want to buy, though.

The Better Chip - Spinach and Kale
HHR Review: Not bad, not great.

FTC Disclaimer: The FFF box was purchased by me for my own personal use. Links provided in this entry are referral links in which I can earn referral credits.
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