April 11, 2014

Restaurant: Mei Mei Restaurant, Boston, MA

Mei Mei Restaurant opened in November, 2013. Originally a food truck, this Asian fusion restaurant is run by three siblings, Andy, Mei, and Irene. (Note: The food truck still exists and travels between neighborhoods on weekdays).

The food here is definitely innovative and exciting. This restaurant truly serves fusion food and isn't just named fusion because the owners can't decide on which Asian cuisine to focus. The flavors seem influenced the most by Chinese food. The food that we ordered was a little richer than I expected, but the complexity of flavors and the overall preparation was very solid. The service staff was friendly and attentive.

The food is served as plates, which range in size from appetizers, regular entrees to entrees-to-share. It is meant to be family style, but the small and medium sized menu items were plated in a way that you could probably eat it alone. We opted to try two small items and one medium.

I started with the Bird's nest (beverage), because I was intrigued by the description. It had a hint of pine, creamy texture. The egg lent a creamy texture to the beverage.
The "Bird's Nest"

For the small items, we tried the Confit beef tongue and the Chopped Cabbage salad. The beef tongue had a strong meaty taste and was had an aftertaste that was very Chinese-inspired. The meat was topped with nori and pickled onions, which balanced out the tastes. The cabbage salad was cold and mixed with a cheese that went surprisingly well with the flavors and a fried egg.

Beef tongue -- I've seen other presentations that look different on other reviews, but this is how ours looked from most angles.

Chopped cabbage salad

Finally, we also tried a medium sized offering, the Pork Schnitzel with Delicious Cheese. This was plated in a way that seemed more appropriate for a single-diner meal, as opposed to the family style that we expected. The sunflower seed breading was interesting, though the pork in this entree was a little bit watery.

Pork Schnitzel with Delicious Cheese
Overall, this restaurant has innovative ideas and is worth checking out. It really shines in terms of the "Asian fusion" genre.

Mei Mei Restaurant
506 Park Dr
Boston, MA 02215
Price: $$
Taste: 4/5
Service: 5/5
Value: 3.5/5
HHR Rating: True Asian fusion, interesting flavors

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