April 15, 2014

Review: Naturebox Popsugar Mix

 In April's Popsugar Must Have Box, I was able to sample Nature Box's "Popsugar must have mix". This mix was made with almonds, soybeans, corn, cranberries, and mini sesame-wheat cookies (random?).

Nutrition facts
The mix is interesting. I've never seen dried corn in a mix so I was pretty intrigued. It tasted okay but more strange than anything else, honestly. I did appreciate that it wasn't sweetened like many other trail mixes. The soybeans tasted a tiny bit "off", but I'm not sure why--the expiration date obviously didn't have any issues.
Closer look
I was expecting something a little more exciting from Nature Box, as I had heard a lot about them and was curious what types of snacks they sell. (I've also tried dried apple rings in a previous Popsugar box, but I didn't fall in love with those, either).
Nature Box Popsugar Must Have Mix
Overall, I'm not any more excited about Nature Box than before I received this item. The quality is okay, but I wasn't too impressed.

Nature Box: Pop Sugar Must Have Mix
HHR Review: Not good, not bad.

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