April 18, 2014

Restaurant: Super Fusion, Brookline, MA

Super Fusion Cusine, I'm totally over you. Yup, that's how I'm starting this review.

Super Fusion is a chain (?) of sushi restaurants int he Boston area. There are a few of them in Watertown, Cambridge, and Brookline. This review is for the Brookline location. I have also been to the Porter Square location, but have not been there recently. It's unclear whether they all have the same owner or if they are run completely independently--they used to share a website, but recently, the websites have split.

I used to love Super Fusion and would come to the Washington square location fairly regularly a few years back. The food is pretty fresh and the chefs are pretty decent for a "cheap" sushi place.

Now, I can't justify the price. The prices have gone up significantly in the past few years and Super Fusion went from cheap to average, in terms of sushi restaurants in Brookline/Boston. Normally, I'd be okay with this, but the interior of this particular location makes it really really hard to justify the price difference. In addition, the service is surprisingly slow, considering that they have one full-time counter person/waitress who can see all 10-or-so seats in the entire restaurant from where she hangs out. 

I'll say it nicely and just say that the location is not... fancy... It's clean, but it's really small, extremely cramped, doesn't have a bathroom (I think they technically have one, but they've told me I can't use it before), and hasn't been remodeled, probably ever. 

Plastic menu
You end up ordering by circling items that you want on a laminated menu. You can also write out anything else, for example, from the specials menu. We ended up having the spicy miso salmon tartare special, some nigiri (a la carte), and a maki roll.

Giant sushi pieces
One thing I do like about their nigiri is that the fish is huuuge. The portions are pretty decent, especially compared to other sushi places. But this is only true for the sushi, not the maki.

Salmon tartare--this was pretty good, interesting sauce and plated beautifully.

Some sort of maki--can't remember which, haha.
Overall, yes, the food is good. But the value just isn't there--the cramped, outdated space is completely out of line with the increasing prices. If you want good sushi at this price point, there are plenty of other sushi places that are much nicer in the area.

Super Fusion Cuisine
690A Washington St
Brookline, MA 02446
Price: $$
Taste: 3.5/5
Service: 4/5
Value: 2/5
HHR Rating: Meh.

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