February 20, 2014

Sugarwish Cinnamon Hearts

Sugarwish is an interesting new service--the idea is that you send a lucky recipient a box of candy, but they get to pick the contents from a variety of classic choices. You can see some of the choices here.

Screenshot: Example of Gummy Candies from Sugarwish Website.
The Sugarwishes come in 3 sizes--the Petite (4 x 4oz), the Classic (8 x 4oz) and the Ultimate (16 x 4oz) and can be sent to anywhere in the continental US. According to the website, when you purchase a Sugarwish, the recipient receives an e-card instructing them to where they can pick out their candy.

Sugarwish - Sample size from Popsugar Subscription Box

Adorable packaging!
The Sugarwish program really shows how thoughtful packaging can turn a plain gift into a much more dazzling one. The packaging on this item is just adorable--a sturdy light blue box with cute red accents. The candy is pretty basic and classic. The cinnamon hearts that came with my Popsugar box were the kind that you can get at a standard candy shop.

Closeup of Cinnamon Hearts.
Overall, I think that this is a great gift for a classic candy loving friend or relative, for when you want to get them something that looks a little more special. The extra packaging adds quite a bit of price, but since this ships anywhere in the US (shipping and handling and taxes are included in the price), it might be worth the cost. It's definitely an interesting new idea.

Note: The photos in this post are the promotional size that was included in my Popsugar Must Have Subscription box and contained 1 x 4oz pouch of cinnamon hearts. According to Sugarwish, this is a "mini" Sugarwish, but doesn't seem to be an option on the site.

Sugarwish Cinnamon Hearts
HHR Opinion: Interesting new candy gifting service. Worth a try, especially if it's within your budget.

FTC Disclaimer: The Pop Sugar MH box was purchased by me for my own personal use. Links provided in this entry are referral links in which I can earn referral credits.
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