February 19, 2014

How to make broiled lobster tail

Valentine's day (last week) provided a great excuse to pig out on various food items that we normally wouldn't buy for a "regular" meal. One of the foods we ended up cooking for the first time was lobster tail.

Lobster on sale!

Luckily for us, Whole Foods had frozen lobster tails on sale! Suddenly, this "fancy" food became something that was (reasonably) affordable.

1/4-1/2c butter
Smoked paprika
Minced garlic (1tsp-1tbsp, to taste)

Oven pan

1. Defrost lobster, either in refrigerator overnight or in microwave or standard oven
2. Cut shell of lobster to expose meat.
3. Prepare sauce: mix together butter and spices and garlic. Pour over lobster and in between meat and shell.
4. Broil in oven on middle shelf on HIGH for 5-10 minutes [lobster meat will become opaque].

 Husband cutting open shells with scissors.

Lobster tails in oven. Optional, for extra fun: Husband in background playing with cat.


For Valentine's Day, since we had the Tenderloin that we butchered earlier in the week, we decided to eat surf and turf for extra fanciness. Though this ends up being quite a bit of food, it's still fairly affordable, especially since we bought the tenderloin in bulk and the lobster on sale.

This ended up being a rather easy meal with not too much prep. Next time, though, I would spend more time separating the tail from the shell to make it easier to eat. Unfortunately, the single cut was not enough to allow us to eat without liberal use of hands and fingers (which is probably non-fancy.)

 Lobster tail served with beef tenderloin and sauteed asparagus

Have you ever cooked lobster tail at home?

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