February 24, 2014

Review: Beanitos

Beanitos Restaurant Style White Bean with Sea Salt chips are a tasty alternative to corn and wheat tortilla chips. However, they do not have the same texture or taste as most tortilla chips. I received these chips as part of my February Love with Food box.

Beanitos chips are free of corn, trans fats, preservatives, gluten, msg, and are vegan & Kosher.
Made from navy beans and rice, these chips are relatively high in fiber (6g per serving) and protein (4g per serving). The chips are lightly salted and don't feel greasy.

Inside look at 1.5oz bag.
 The texture is pretty different than mass market snack products--they're a little bit crumblier and grainer than the standard chip product. They are pleasantly crispy and held their crisp overnight when sealed with a "chip clip" and are sturdy enough to hold up salsa, though they get soggy a little more quickly than corn chips.

Close up: texture.
Beanitos chips don't taste like beans but definitely have a pleasant , addicting flavor and a good crunch. Overall, I recommend these chips as a nice and healthy snack.

Beanitos: Restaurant Style White Bean with Sea Salt
~$3 for 6oz bag
HHR Rating: Corn-free wheat-free chip alternative

FTC Disclaimer: The Love With Food box was purchased by me for my own personal use. Links provided in this entry are referral links in which I can earn referral credits.
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