February 27, 2014

Handmade Tea: February - Blossom

Handmade tea  is a monthly tea subscription that delivers unique tea blends monthly. Each month has a different base tea.
Handmade Tea February: Blossom. 

There are two subscription options, "the mini monthly" ($12.95/month) or the "full monthly" ($19.95/month). Both options include shipping. The full monthly has more tea and also comes with small tins that have the different blend ingredients, which you can use for cooking or to increase the intensity of some flavors in the tea.

The February blend, Blossom, is officially described as follows: Blossom begins with a smooth and creamy black tea with a very full body for the base. This style of tea is rolled thin and long, often referred to as "needle tea". Red rose buds and petals are added to the blend for a very aromatic and sweet perfume undertone. Lastly chamomile flowers are blended in, adding an herbal flavor that actually extends the length of the flavor of the beverage on the palate.

Loose leaf tea. Envelope contains letter from Caleb, who runs Handmade Tea, and information on the blend
Handmade Tea is a must have for tea lovers. The tea blends are interesting and season appropriate. The tea quality is very good--the leaves are very fresh, and the blending ingredients also taste very high quality.

Close up of lined packaging

Handmade Tea February blend: Blossom
Handmade Tea: February
HHR Rating: Always good!

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