May 30, 2014

Tutorial: How to fold a chopsticks rest! (@ Gyu-Kaku, Brookline)

We are fancy so we don't like having our chopsticks touch the table. Wayyy fancy. Here are some instructions for if you want to be fancy, too!

1. Start with chopstick paper. Try not to rip it too much when you take the chopsticks out.

2. Fold in 4 (half and half again).

3. Fold in the end like a triangle, like so:

4. Repeat on other end! You can stop here if you want--this makes a pretty functional chopstick rest.

5. (Advanced! Now you're really fancy!) Push down the middle of the chopsticks holder and make an indent for your chopsticks to rest. You can either do this half heartedly like I did in this picture, or if you're experienced with paper folding and/or chopsticks rest making, you can create a more triangular fold. I got tired of taking a million pictures, so I'm just showing you where to push in the following picture. Push down with both thumbs.

6. Done!

Alternative method--courtesy of Rosa's husband. When opening chopsticks, pull wrapper down all the way in one fluid motion. If you use this method, be prepared to fight off waitstaff who will try to throw away the fruits of your labor because it kind of looks like trash, haha.

The end. Hope you enjoyed looking at awkward close-ups of my hands!
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