May 03, 2014

Review: Duck Dynasty Beef and Bacon Jerkey

 My parents send the best/strangest care packages. Every few months, I'll get a text out of the blue that says "I sent you a bunch of clothes, did you get them?" and I'll get a flat rate box in the mail that's packed with clothing and (sometimes) random food items, if there's space. Recently, my mom sent me these with some spring jackets, because nothing says spring like beef jerky!

So what is a Duck Dynasty? Apparently it's a reality TV show about a family that makes products for duck hunters. And now, this interesting (and apparently controversial?) family makes some "official" beef jerky.

My parents sent me three flavors of jerky--bacon (which is actually bacon jerky), teriyaki and original. All three were really good and didn't have any weird chemically aftertastes, like many other commercial jerky. I would definitely buy the teriyaki and original jerky again, if I saw it in a store.

Clockwise: Bacon jerky, original jerky, teriyaki jerky
The bacon jerky was really interesting--I've never had bacon jerky before. It tasted like... bacon. Surprise! I'm so descriptive, you guys. I win at describing food.

Get it? Oink to your quack! Because it's bacon. And they're duck hunters. Hiiiilllaaaarioussss.

The back of the original jerky.
According to the packages, the jerky will make you HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY. It probably lived up to their claims.

Duck Dynasty Jerky - Original, Teriyaki, and Bacon
HHR Rating: I don't understand why this exists, but it tastes nice

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