May 07, 2014

Restaurant(ish): Chutneys, Boston, MA

Saag Chicken rice bowl with cucumber, tomato, lettuce, and hot peppers. Looks kind of messy but it tastes fine.
Chutney's is an Indian fast-food restaurant. There are two locations--one in the food court in the Garage at Harvard square, and the other is in the Longwood Galleria food court. This review is for the Longwood location.
As you may know, Indian food is my favoritest. As such, my review is extremely biased--I judge Indian food on a completely different scale than I judge normal food, with the lowest level being "delicious" and the highest level being "I will eat this until my stomach hurts". Chutney's is somewhere in the middle of that scale. (To be completely honest, the food here isn't the best food ever, or even close. But it's close to where I work and it is fast and cheap.)

The food here is simple: you have the choice of a naanini (sandwich in naan), a paratha wrap (sandwich wrapped with paratha, an Indian flat bread), or a rice bowl. After you choose your entree and your choice of carb-vessel of deliciousness, you also have the option of covering your food with your choice vegetables: cucumbers, tomatoes, lettuce, hot peppers, lime, and cilantro. All of the options provide you with a ridiculous amount of food.

The service is very quick--however, the servers are a little inconsistent. For example, they often don't mention which entrees are "out of stock" until you try to order it. Sometimes, I've gotten half-an-order of saag paneer, because they ran out as they were spooning it in my rice bowl. Sigh.

Overall, I still give Chutney's a favorable review because the prices make up for the average service. For a great lunch option in Longwood, give this place a try!

350 Longwood Ave
Boston, MA 02215
(617) 264-2100
Price: $
Taste: 4/5
Service: 3/5
Value: 4/5
HHR Rating: Good food. Strange but friendly service. Cheap & fast.

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