March 24, 2014

Restaurant: The Mission Bar & Grill, Boston, MA (St. Patrick's Day Weekend Special)

Backward signs! I forgot to get one from the outside, but it's all good. You all can read backwards, right? 
Though St. Patrick's Day is full of culture and religion in Ireland, for us silly Americans, it's a holiday that has things to do with (1) the color green/pinching friends, (2) corned beef, and (3) beer/booze. In the spirit of the American version of this holiday, last week, I went to the Mission in Brigham Circle.

The Mission is a great bar--nice food, good ambiance, friendly service. I've been here multiple times over my many years in Boston for both food and drinks. [Note: The photographs in this post are a little yellow and the colors are off, because it was rather dark inside.]

Mission burger & fries
As per usual, my husband ordered a burger. If you've ever wondered why there's so many burgers on the site, it's because this dude has eaten burgers at most of the Boston restaurants that serve them. The fries were good, but basic. The burger was nice, though nothing super exciting. (Technically, this is a cheeseburger, since it has... er.. cheese. But semantics.)

St Patrick's Day Special: Corned beef, served with potatoes, carrots, cabbage, and mustard
Since St. Patrick's Day is all about the corned beef, as I mentioned above, I ordered the corned beef special. It was delicious. The potatoes and other veggies were soaked in butter, which meant that they were super unhealthy but super delicious.

I'm not going to put the name of this on the blog, but it was basically Bailey's with whipped cream.
Finally, we tried to order a bomb shot that has totally offensive name (ingredients: Bailey's + Guiness) because it has two Irish ingredients, but apparently the Mission doesn't serve bomb shots. The waitress didn't elaborate but I assume that this was the direct result of drunk people who break glasses. Instead, we ended up ordering a shot that was topped with house made whipped cream. The shot wasn't that exciting, but the whipped cream was great in the way that homemade whipped cream always is.

The Mission Bar & Grill
724 Huntington Ave
Boston, MA 02120
Price: $$ 
Taste: 4/5
Service: 4.5/5
Value: 4.5/5
HHR Rating: Lovely bar in Brigham Circle. Worth a trip.

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