September 12, 2014

Review: Trader Joe's Dried Persimmons

You guys, Trader Joe's has dried persimmons! I've never seem them sold dried before. They don't have any added sugar. They are sliced, not dried whole like got gam (곶감). (For a picture of how Korean persimmons are traditionally dried, click here.)

So pretty amiright?
This review actually has no point, but the persimmons are so pretty that I had to photograph them. Originally, I was going to tell you a traditional Korean story, but as we brought these home from Trader Joe's, I asked my husband if he knew the story about persimmons and a tiger or something, as I couldn't remember the details. He nodded and told me, "yeah. It had a tiger and some persimmons." He's really helpful like that.

Instead of me putting together a story from our vague memories, I found an English version on a Korean cultural site that is pretty similar to what I remember. You should definitely give it a read:

Well anyways, they tasted pretty nice. Have you ever heard the story about the Tiger and the Persimmon? Do you know any good food-centered folk tales?

Trader Joe's: Dried California Persimmons
HHR Rating: Yummy if you love persimmons that aren't too sweet!

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