March 29, 2014

Restaurant: Le's Vietnamese Restaurant, Cambridge, MA

Le's! Oh Le's! How I love thee! The pictures in this review were written over the course of two visits in a single week--because I love this place that much.
With two locations (Harvard Square and Allston), Le's kicks butt. The entrees are consistently delicious, the prices are good, and the service is fast. Both locations are equally good, but the photos in this review are from the Harvard Square location.

One note: the Le's in Harvard Square, for whatever reason, has the most delicious tap water. I have no idea why this isn't true for all the restaurants in the area. The Le's in Allston doesn't have this magical tap water. :(

We often start with the summer rolls, which are filled with lettuce, vermicelli, and shrimp. They're not the best summer rolls in the world, but they come out very quickly and are a good vessel for the delicious peanut sauce.

Summer rolls. (Old camera didn't do so well in this lighting.)
Where Le's really shines is the entrees--the rice plates, the noodle bowls without soup, the noodle bowls with soup. The seasonings aren't really THAT different from each other, but they're all tasty.

Cóm Suön Bi Chä - steamed rice plate with grilled pork chop, julienne pork skin, and steamed ground pork cake, tomatoes, cucumber, and lettuce. served with `nuoc cham` fish vinaigrette.  
Bûn Thit Nuöng - grilled meat vermicelli. a choice of grilled sliced pork, beef tenderloin or chicken on top of vermicelli.
Bún bò Huế

#15 - Extra large Pho
In summary, Le's is the best. The end.

Le's Vietnamese Restaurant
(Harvard Square Location)
36 JFK St
Cambridge, MA 02138
(617) 864-4100
Price: $
Taste: 5/5
Service: 4.5/5
Value: 5/5
HHR Rating: Go there now. Allston location is equally delicious.

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