February 13, 2014

Review: Pipcorn White Truffle Mini Popcorn

I never understood the appeal of truffle oil. Some people, including my husband, will shy away in horror at the thought of mushroom oil. For me, I love the idea. It makes me feel fancy. But truthfully? It's just okay. It's not bad, it's just that I'm always more excited about the idea of truffles than the taste itself. It might be because the majority of my encounters with truffle oils were in the context of (probably) synthetically flavored oils because despite feeling fancy, I'm decidedly not.

Despite my overall meh-ness with truffle oil, I did enjoy eating the Pipcorn. The novelty of smaller-than-normal popcorn didn't quite wear off as I went through the entire (giant and filled-to-the-brim) bag. The kernels are ever so lightly seasoned and never left my hands feeling greasy. Also surprising: the pips (kernels? pips?) stayed fresh for over a week after opening.

My hands are very dry from the Boston winters. Here's a picture for size comparison purposes.

Close up of the sort of cute kernels. Can food be cute? Apparently.

I received this bag of Pipcorn as part of my January Pop Sugar Must Have box, so I'm not entirely sure what the retail price is. I'll definitely keep a look out for this product in stores. It makes a nice snack, but would also be a good option to bring to a movie night.

Pipsnacks: White Truffle Pipcorn
HHR Rating: Solid offering. Looks nice enough to bring to parties.

FTC Disclaimer: The Popsugar MH Box was purchased by me for my own personal use. Links provided in this entry are referral links in which I can earn referral credits.
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